Enjoy the Swedish west coast on board the schooner Westkust!

T/S (Training Ship) Westkust is a three masted wooden schooner built in Sweden as a cargo ship in 1932. She is classified as a Cultural Ship, is well preserved and in good condition.

It is a special feeling when the large sails catches the wind, get filled and the heavy black hull steady forces through the waves. Westkust is big in the, sometimes crowded, passages in the Bohuslän archipelago and is looked upon with respect and admiration.

Thousands of sailors come to the Bohuslän coast and neighbouring Norwegan and Danish waters every summer. These are also the regular routes for our ship.

The Bohuslän archipelago is famous for its beauty and offer stunning views of windswept islands and isolated nature. But not far away lays several idyllic fishing villages and small towns. Some of them, in summertime, known for their entertainments and restaurants.

The homeport of T/S Westkust is Edshultshall on Orust, the big island some 60 kilometres north of Göteborg.

Until late 1960-ties these wooden motorized sailing vessels traded along the costs of Scandinavia and to the continent.

The non-profit organisation Förlig Vind (eg. Forwarding Winds) has run T/S Westkust for the last 30 years.

Come and sail with us and be a part of the regular sailing schools! No formal experience is necessary. Be of help when hoisting the sails or just relax and enjoy the journey and the salty environment at sea.

An option is also to rent the whole ship!

T/S Westkust offer charter as well. We arrange trips for companies and private parties having, for example, feasts and weddings.

There are 28 beds in the roomy rebuilt former cargo hold. For a single day up to 80 persons may join us. The kitchen and toilets have modern standard. Our crew is well experienced and trained.

The main purpose for our activity is to give young people training and joy in sailing and keeping the Westkust in ship shape as a cultural heritage.

Our sailing schools however offer both young people and adults training and pleasure. T/S Westkust regulary participate in Swedish and international races for sailing ships.

Although our members do all work on a volunteer basis it is costly to maintain the ship tidy and safe. Annual makeover at the ship yard and restauration works demand financial resources. Therefore we combine sailing schools and private leasing.


Contact us for booking! Email bokning@westkust.com

Tel +46 (0)703 72 55 74